सफ़रनामा / Safarnama / Travelogue


“Everywhere I’ve been, I’ve left a part of me there..still my soul has only expanded.”

Publishing  a blog after so long and that too on something I love to talk about! Truly, being a dancer and a traveler together is the best deal ever!

It’s World Tourist Day! but well, I’ll refer myself as a traveler more than a tourist.

Traveling is an integral part of my personality now, it has given me much more than pictures and souvenirs from around the globe.  It’s much more than putting updates on social media and shopping . It has changed my perspective, made me humble and accepting  and taught me how nature could make anyone and everyone happy. I found myself while traveling to numerous places and believe me, there is no bigger bliss than this!

A meditative sensation generates when I look outside the window of my train, plane or a bus as I look beyond the clouds in the sky and the greens in a village. It makes me realize what a small part of this world one is and no matter where I go, there are so many people who are full of love. It makes me believe in the  power of humanity and  happiness that one can spread. The strangers who helped me without any personal interest but with unexpected warmth, my friends from different parts of the world,  various streets giving scents of various cultures..all have just added  a little more magic to my experiences. The waters of Fiji, the people of Algeria, the streets of Finland, the architecture of Sweden…and the list will go on and on…all these experiences told me to put my heart out on the world map and give a big hug to every place I’ve been.

Some learning experiences are so vast and beautiful, there aren’t enough words for them. I’ve been just to 13 countries and 17 cities in India, have collected all currencies, boarding  passes and even baggage tags..have left a bit of me in those places and got a bit of this world in my home! My observations have been delightful and pleasant. Everywhere I’ve been, there were some great things to look at, some warm people to meet, some incidents to learn from but the most amazing lesson has been that ‘we all have to travel to reach ourselves!’  🙂

P.S. I couldn’t find a more appropriate picture and title for this writing piece because it’s unimaginably difficult to sum everything up in few lines!

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