She jumps with joy,

his sight takes her to the sky.

The beauty of his laughter, the spirit in his eyes,

in those arms her world lies.

Her companion in right and wrong,

knows her favorite color, food and song.

Best companions and partners in crime,

they fell in love in no time.

DAY 365

She  looks into the mirror

everything so fade.

It’s a storm within,

not the dust at the surface.

Objectified, slapped, bruised

she feels less loved and more used.

Promises burnt amidst orthodox mentality,

in this pit of disgrace, she’s losing her sanity.


Keeping her fears aside,

she steps into the morning light.

A tear rolled down her cheek,

but she mumbled “life isn’t for the weak!”.

Packed the bags..walked away with grace and glory.

That’s her story!

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