Love Yourself First


So I checked my weight just 2 days ago. I had gained almost 2 kilograms and there I ran towards the mirror to look at myself, to know how did this happen, to look at the ugly part of me, to figure out the scariest and ugliest aspect of my body. I felt disgraced about my fat legs for 30 seconds at least! Started analyzing what’s wrong with my routine, food habits..basically what’s wrong with me. I was doing everything (not 4 hours of dancing like I used to do earlier, but my body was still my priority) but little did I know that I me myself had entered in that blind race of conformity. A race where trending topics were  ‘what does beauty look like?’, ‘perfect body of a dancer’, ‘the fatter, the bitter’‘your collar bone is a bane’.

I remember I hadn’t felt such negativity in a long time. I was aghast at my own thoughts that I just started hating myself to ‘fit-in’ to some parameters of being a dancer, a woman, a human being. Realizing this made me easy. I gulped air as if there was a vacuum before. Went straight to the mirror again and smiled at myself..embraced my fat legs and my torso showing some ribs.. and smiled again.

Loving yourself is the greatest treasure. A healthy body is a blessing but don’t be overcritical about attaining the ‘perfect’ image according to what people think. An athlete can have fatter legs than other athletes, a great dancer can have belly fat, a healthy person can have chubby cheeks. It is all OK and it is all beautiful. Be comfortable and confident in your skin. Every cell of your body is constructing you with each passing second. Hug yourself often. Your body loves you a lot more than the people around you!

This Valentine’s Day.. love yourself first, save yourself first!


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