Awakening : the yogic journey



So I started learning Yoga a month back and I have so much to share only after a few classes that this space is probably not enough! But here I sit in front of my laptop trying to assemble my feelings in one post. The first thing I learnt was that YOGA is not just ASANA. Asanas are a part of the yogic process, a process which is bigger, wider and holistic. Yoga is the union of body, soul and spirituality. It is a lot about breathing and even more about patience. It will burn you and clean you with the kind of patience you’ll  require for your own self. And No! It isn’t don’t doze off in just become aware of your being and it is so beautiful.

Yoga is not a 2 hour practice thing, it is a lifestyle. It is how you conduct yourself, how you connect with the universe and even how you breathe!

Yoga is teaching me to be in the moment, focused and sharp, agile and effective and at the same time being calm and content. There is a sense of awakening that doesn’t leave my side now. What a crazy combination it is! I never knew I could achieve this kind of magical madness!

I read somewhere, “Anybody can workout, it takes a yogi to work-in.” and now I understand what it stands for.

Gratitude is what I’m flooded with. The journey has just begun.

Thank you Universe. 🙂

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  1. akakancha says:

    Nicely described & explained the myths people have about yoga!! Great….😁😍😘

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    1. baby Thankyouuuuu :* :* :*


      1. Sandeep says:

        Keep it up priya..its very nice

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thanks a ton! 🙂 🙂


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