The warmth of my life.



So today I’m writing a little about the happiest corner of my life. My Friends. Friendship is never correlated with love but it actually is very deeply related to love. For me it’s love in a pure form.

My friends have been my family and my world has revolved around them and it still does. These important people have been my constant support system, my true critics, my joy and off course my prank partners. Some of them have been there since childhood, some since school days and some are part of my new phase of life.

There are constant thankyous and I love yous and sometimes there is just comfortable silence. We have now reached a level that we don’t tell each other everyday how important our bond is, but we cherish it enormously. There are efforts , there is acceptance but no compulsion, no strings attached. We know we are going to be together and killing it!

And why I’m writing this is because I feel that I haven’t expressed enough gratitude for their magical presence in my life.

I’m such a difficult person sometimes. I never pick up calls, I turn up late at events, I have been rude at times, I like being in my shell and not interact to anyone much. But these people never stopped trying. They have loved me all through! Love is a very strong word and to fulfill it’s meaning is harder than one can imagine. And nobody but my friends have fulfilled it for me.

Those important people who are reading it, I love you would be just too small, thank you would be smaller. May be a hug would do?  

*warming longest hug with comfortable silence and some happy tears*

🙂 🙂

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  1. Pratiksha priya says:

    I love you and you will always be my guide, a friend with whom I can share everything and about anyone(you know what it means).. 😝😂 I cannot stop myself from smiling when I am looking at you and I guess that’s the magic you have on me. Thank you for being there.

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    1. I love you. I thank god I found you! ❤ :*


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