Cameras can never capture what eyes have actually seen. I can put many pictures but they won’t look as beautiful as the actual place was. Breath-taking is the word!

Well usually unknown people in an unknown place wouldn’t seem a good idea to anyone. But this one idea gave me an experience to cherish for a lifetime. I went for a yoga trek (Yes, my yogic journey is taking beautiful turns) with people who were related to yoga but I didn’t know any of them at all. They were complete strangers and that was the best gift. I discovered souls not people! Souls of different age different yet full of life and enthusiasm that anybody can get up and get going with them.

We lived in tent houses on the banks of river Uhl. The sound of continuous running water through the mountains was a companion to my philosophical thoughts. The high point of this yogic outing was the trek of 10 kms. I had never seen something so beautiful and scary at the same time. The mountains are mesmerizing..the trek was tiring but the beauty kept increasing as I climbed up. Some of the best life lessons are learnt in the realm on nature. Through the whole climb I learnt what a tiny part of this universe I am. “What is the point of thinking too selfishly? You are as small as an ant on the globe! Where will you take your ego if you fall from this cliff right this moment?” I scolded myself for all those times when I’ve misbehaved or created havoc without reason. And it was delightful to realize such an important aspect.



Traveling makes me better. I find meanings within myself. Also, Coldplay (a British rock band) helped me name this blog..A trip to ‘Para..Para..Paradise’ ❤


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