(Old age) Home



Sitting with my parents and exploring shades of life through our talks is as enriching an experience for me as traveling or meditating is. Parents are Home. A home with a learning everyday. Every time I start talking about them, I get teary eyed. Anybody would be. After all they are the institution we have been to. I always thought every child thinks the same, until this day came.

I’ve been to several countries in past 5-6 years. I visited an old age home for the first time in Fiji Islands on a free day with my colleagues. That was an unforgettable hour for me. Suddenly it seemed like I couldn’t talk. My mouth froze, my lips went dry and I just kept looking at those people’s faces. They were nearly my grandparents’ age or maybe a few years younger. Some were talking and laughing, some were on the wheelchair roaming in the garden, some were too ill to even get up so they were on their beds. These old people were so happy to see so many visitors. Their children didn’t visit them. A strange grief was in the air, I could instantly understand the feeling of being abandoned. It is any parents’ worst nightmare to be abandoned by their children. That day is still very clear in my memory. All my colleagues and me were crying in the bus on our way back to the hotel.

I never understood the reason of abandoning someone who actually made you. Literally made you! They never ran away leaving you when you failed a school test or when you misbehaved at a social gathering. Even when you grow up, it’s ‘you living with them..not they living with you.’

No matter how annoying your parents are..no matter how different there opinion is, you should be glad that they are there since they aren’t gonna stick around forever. Annoy your parents from time to time, argue with them..that too is a liberty  many people don’t have.Give them a hug, that will cover up all your flaws. Discuss your day at work, discuss your favorite movie, make them some tea. They won’t need anything more than that. Ever.

Just be with them. Let your home be ‘home’. 🙂

May no parent ever get to stay in an old age home. Amen.

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