Cosmic Harmony



Have you ever met someone and developed an instant connection? Or traveled to a place and realize that you belong there somehow? Or a color that looks divine on you?Somethings and some people cross our paths in such a way that everything fits! Everything clicks! That is Cosmic Harmony. Everything aligned. Everything complementing each other.

Seven months ago, I was on my way to Kumbhalgarh (a beautiful place near Udaipur) for a performance with my dance company. We took a halt at a resort to freshen up. The place was absolutely dark and silent, covered with hills from all sides and not even a tiny dot of electricity as far as we could see. The magic happened when my friend took me to the terrace of the resort to see countless stars! That was beauty in abundance! We were almost into tears. I had never seen something so beautiful and larger than life. There was silence but our energies were in sync. And my friend and I could just look at each other and share a peaceful smile. That moment was cosmic harmony.

You know those magical moments you share with nature, the chemistry you share with any friend..these things are not meaningless. They are secret messages that your soul is connected somewhere. Don’t leave such people..hug them often. Go back to that mountain and sit with just wind in your ears. Go to your favorite dance class and lose yourself to find yourself. Paint the canvas with your favorite colors. Listen to that piece of music that you love so much that you cry! You’ll never be intoxicated by’ll just become more and more aware of yourself.

Keep those connections close. The day is shining at you..because for some experiences, satisfaction is a smaller word. It’s cosmic harmony.



Soul Woman

Priyamvada Tripathi

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