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Work without cellphones and laptops seem impossible in today’s time and age. It is such a blessing that our work is faster, easier and efficient. Social media has made this world a smaller place..we can wish people from any part of the globe.. who is doing what..who is marrying whom..we know everything and have an opinion about it too! We talk a lot here!  But somewhere, we’re over consumed by being ‘online’ so much so that we don’t even know what we’re turning into. Being a lesser human starts with small behaviors and we save ourselves in the name of ‘connecting to the world’ and being ‘technologically advanced’  I’m about to share one such incident of my life :

I was once in a situation when a friend was sharing her life struggles with me. I was ‘hearing’ what she had to say, but I wasn’t ‘listening’. My concentration was on the news feed of an app I was scrolling then! Within moments I realized that not paying enough attention is an insult and kept my phone aside. This is what I’m addressing today. I might have done this to many others unknowingly.

Posting a picture with your mom with a beautiful caption and actually having a thoughtful conversation with her are two different things. Making 1600 friends on a social networking site and standing up for 3 real friends are different things. Sharing ‘save animals’ posts and taking care of your nearby strays are two different things. What’s the point of going on a date when the couple is busy in their respective cellphones? Honestly, would you watch a wallpaper of beautiful mountains or rather go on a trip to mountains??!!!

Don’t do things to project what a star you are and what great things you can do. Do things that you really believe in. Love people online but to have a soulful conversation with friends around you is more important. Switch off your phones more often to remind yourself what real world actually looks like. 

Be a human offline. 



Have a good read.

Soul Woman

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  1. Aviral Dixit says:

    Yeah I totally agree with whatever that was shared. People may interact with other people online, it is often at the expense of maintaining or creating new social relationships with people in their “real” lives. Spending most of the time online can lead to isolation and one might find a real help when he/she needs it. Studies have also shown that internet addicts tend to show aggressive behavior. Also too much of anything is not good so internet and social media should be used but in a limit.


    1. Thankyou Himanshu for resonating with my idea and sharing your thoughts 🙂 🙂 ❤


  2. Pankaj Singh says:

    Whatever you said that’s absolutely true. Meet and talk is more beautiful than talk on whatsapp or Facebook etc. This fact only human can understand not robot….
    Thanks to talk about it.


    1. Thanks Pankaj for all the love 🙂 ❤


  3. Lobzang Chorol says:



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