A grip too tight



Today I’m writing about some crazy negative experiences that we all must have had at some point or the other. Toxic Relationships. I have had quiet a few.

Such a relationship can be with a dominating friend, bossy sibling, abusive partner..anybody!! And it is crazy to bear with them. The longer we are entangled in such relations, the harder it gets the come out. Sometimes you might not get abused verbally or physically, but claimed to be “the one”. Being treated as a possession is covert toxicity. I realized this in school when I was being bullied by my ‘best friend’. I was so dependent on her that it looked like the world will end if we part ways so I could do any and everything she dictated. Some years later I was like “what the hell was that??”. That was the day I said no to toxic friendships forever.

You can have an abusive partner who tortures you or friends who are there only when they ‘need favors’ from you. These grips are too tight. They choke our brains.


It’s difficult. I still get stuck. We all are humans and we have a tendency to get over-consumed by people and things. That is alright. We just need to be aware of how much of ourselves should we give out to someone else. We are ours, nobody else can claim our minds, bodies and actions. And no sugar-coated and comfortably poisoning lies will help us. The truth will.


Break up with those grips that are too tight.

The sooner. The better. The happier.


Sketch by Siddhant Sharma

Hopeful of life always.

Priyamvada Tripathi – Soul Woman


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Aviral Dixit says:

    Another marvellous piece of work!!


    1. Thankyou Himanshu ❤


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