क्षमा – Forgiveness




To be free from all elements of prejudice and self-obsession.” – Unknown.

In life, this is one of the most difficult parts to act upon mentally. To forgive. To let it go from the depths of our hearts. To shine in our own light and not burn in flames of hatred.

We all come across difficult situations and people. Situations which are unpleasant, people who are harsh. Off course, we’re left with hatred, sufferings and grudges. We never think of venting off these emotions instead we give them home in our minds and bodies. Unknowingly, we start burning. Behavioral and physical changes occur that impact us negatively. This is something we need to fix ‘inside’ and only forgiveness can help us achieve that fix.

OK, let me share an incident. I had a troubled college life. Juggling between my dance classes and psychology degree, my college teachers became really tough with me as they thought I was not ‘focused’.  I dropped out of that degree and did my graduation again only because I didn’t get 2 hours (2 classes) of attendance. It was hard. I couldn’t believe this happened just for 2 lectures! I hated my college and teachers and held it against them for the longest time. I became more and more self-absorbed with anger and thought I’m the real rebel!

Soon I started realizing this ‘self-absorbed anger’ was not good for ‘Me’ and only I can make ‘Me’ pleasant and calm. I realized whatever reservations, anger or negative approach they (college teachers)  had for me, I had the same for them. And that was increasing the burden over me. Nobody else even cares!

A little change in approach is everything. I started practicing gratitude for my dance life, started thinking how courage brought me to the dance floor, how psychology honors (the degree I left) helped me understand my own teachers and their point of view. How I stopped judging myself and all around me! And I got my breath back when I told myself, “Let it go. They did what they found right. You did what you found right.” 

If ever in my life I get a chance to go to my college and teach whatever little I know of yoga, dance, art and writing.. It will be one beautiful circle of experiences. 🙂

Forgive behaviors and situations for your peace. You need not go back to what gave you scars, but don’t carry the burden any further.


Nafrat baandh deti hai, maafi aazad karti hai.” 

(Hatred strangles us, forgiveness sets us free.


Priyamvada Tripathi – Soul Woman

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