No : The Necessary Refusal


Growing up I was a shy and very quiet kid.  Moreover, I could never utter a word of refusal to classmates, cousins, friends, even bullies! This behavior was perfectly normal for me as I was so uncomfortable saying ‘No’. Now I look back and feel abnormal about those days when I could never respond to a bully classmate in school or tell a friend that I won’t turn up for a party I wasn’t interested in. 

Refusal is often confused with running away. THAT’S NOT IT.

We love people around us, they (mostly) make our lives better in some or the other way. But that doesn’t take away our right of differentiating with them. ‘No’ is not a word, it is a metaphor. Apply it. Say no to toxic people’s company, say no to a job offer which demands your true self to be sacrificed, say no to people for they shall not expect too much out of you, say no to proposals just because the guy/girl is ‘financially safe enough’ but doesn’t connect with you at all. Refusal is a necessary ingredient in the recipe of life. Don’t refuse without reasons, but don’t go anywhere without your integrity.


Hope you had a good read.

Priyamvada Tripathi – Soul Woman


Your integrity

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