Switch On – Switch Off

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” It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.” – Lena Horne


The crappiest memories remain alive in our head. Worst fears come dancing in front of us every now and then. A squabble affects us more than a comic movie we just saw! Negativity jumps on easily. It takes less time but leaves more impact.

In most cases we cannot stop the world, we cannot stop life that’s happening to us. What we can do is ‘Switch on and off ‘ our minds and let the storm pass touching our skin..not passing through us but passing by us. Switching off the mind isn’t about turning blind, it is detachment with patience. Let all bad scenarios, things and people be just a passing experience. Let it come and teach you what it needs to, not pass through you and take away the essence of your being.

I derive the switch on and switch off motivation from meditation. Meditation is magic. When you practice it, you will know that the magic resides in you and not outside. You can control your perception and stop overthinking. You can start everyday with hope and end it with big dreams. Start it today..start it now. Take a few deep breaths and clear yourself of all worries, grudges, negative thoughts. Focus on what it taught you and let it be an experience.

Magical – Calm – Detached – Capable – Aware – Clear – Strong

“Nothing is permanent. Everything is subject to change. Being is always becoming.” – Buddha


Hope you had a positive read.


Priyamvada Tripathi – Soul Woman


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