Unfolding 2018 : Logo, Hard Work and more..


Logo by : My Inner Canvas ( by Vani Gupta) 

Yes. First blog of 2018..presenting the official logo of Soul Woman!!!! This is exciting beyond measure…exploring Yoga,Meditation, Dance therapy..connecting the dots..teaching and sharing.. and off course spreading knowledge about whatever little I know of life is the motto behind this (Facebook page, Blog, Instagram feed)!

This piece of writing is on receiving and stepping ahead with consciousness.

It is beautiful to look back at 2017 with an eye to eye smile. The year gave me yoga..one of the best processes I’ve received from the universe. When I say ‘RECEIVE’, I mean being open to good turns and possibilities. First dance and then Yoga..these happened because I ran towards them! I hid my inhibitions and ran faster..soon realizing that the inhibitions were too slow to catch up! Many times we block our ways being too safe or afraid of what might come and stand straight in front of us. Just remember, when you set a big intention out in the universe..be brave to embrace it.

I had some tough months last year. Bad hopeless days, cluttered nights. Though the times didn’t last long, they were indeed very tough to pass through. What I got from those shitty days was ‘STEPPING AHEAD WITH CONSCIOUSNESS’. I made lists, wrote goals to be achieved in a day, a week, a month and left some space for things to happen organically as well. We set destinations we want to reach but sometimes don’t choose the path consciously. Our daily actions and approach changes a lot of things. Trust me on that!

One more thing which was difficult for me to consume in life.. “You will have to get up every damn day and work 110% more than the last day to see your dreams take good shape. There are no sundays for warriors!” And still there will be 200% chances of falling in the pit of failure..again and again.

Be brave. Choose. Receive. When your dreams become a reality, embrace them. Aim high. Make to do lists. Approach changes everything. Loose the grip. Work hard. Work smart. Let things happen organically. Be conscious and aware. Step away from clutter. Be humble no matter what you achieve. Breathe. Eat good. Sleep well.



Happy 2018.

Write in. Share your thoughts.

Hope you had a good read.

Priyamvada Tripathi –  Soul Woman

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  1. Aviral Dixit says:

    Amazing write-up!!


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