Traveling will save you.


In picture : A beach in Colombo Sri Lanka. The crow came and sat and it was picture perfect indeed.

You leave a part of yourself to the places you travel and absorb their essence in you.

I am full of gratitude that I exist here and now. This world is made of places and people. Every city, state, country is unique. The food, society, houses, people, clothes, language, customs..everything is different. How beautiful is that! No matter how many books you read or how much work experience you have, you get the gold borders on your life’s photo-frame only by traveling! Traveling will save you. You just have to read between the lines.

In picture : Fiji islands (I visited 18 places there. the ones in the pictures are Suva and Taveuni)


Being uncomfortable after endless hours of a bus ride, not getting anymore home made and comfort food, waiting loooong hours for connecting flights or being tired of the non-stop trekking, travelling will teach you Patience and Perseverance. It will slowly let you know that life flows and you have to breathe and keep going no matter what.

In pictures : Algerian friends. We worked on a collaboration project for 15 days and visited places like Algiers, Tlemcen and Annaba :)

The more I traveled to different parts of the world, the more I learnt Acceptance. Accepting different cultures, religions and people. I befriended people of different caste and cultures, speaking different languages, having different perspectives. I lived in Algeria for a fortnight and made some Arabic friends who spoke french and most of them didn’t understand English. The diversity increased my urge to learn new things! It opened my head and heart.


In picture : When I was a kid! Roaming on Moscow roads in -4 degrees with 2 of my best friends.

During my stay in Moscow (Russia), I left my room in a hurry (breakfast time was about to get is life of course!) and left my keys inside and locked the door like a genius! My colleagues were already gone..the housekeeping lady didn’t understand English (she only knew Russian). First time in life I felt an invisible tight slap on my face. The slap of Discipline on carelessness. I learnt wherever in the world I am, I’m responsible for myself. I learnt to arrive on time, have my passport, money and room keys sorted at all times. I learnt self discipline is a very strong tool in how we conduct ourselves.

In pictures : Barot (Himachal Pradesh)

And the best thing I learnt amongst all others is disarming the ego. I realized that I AM A TINY PART OF THIS WORLD, WHAT IS ALL THE FUSS ABOUT? WHY SO MUCH EGO? WHY SO MUCH HATE? WHY PROCRASTINATE? ONE SLIP DOWN THE MOUNTAIN AND I’M GONE FOREVER AND ALL JUDGEMENT-EGO-ANGER-LAZINESS GONE! Traveling has taught me to put negatives aside.

Pack your bags. Travel.

2 days or 10 days..doesn’t matter! What matters is you getting out there exploring the world and exploring yourself. 🙂

In pictures : 

Sweden, Fiji, Jaipur, Lebanon, Udaipur, Finland, Kumbhalgarh)


Yours Authentically.

Priyamvada Tripathi – Soul Woman


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