Never say NEVER


Have you ever slammed a door in anger and shouted in your head “I am never coming back here!”?

Have you hated a task but had to do it again and again?

Have you thought in over confidence “aah..I can never fail!” and ended up giving the re-exam or repeating a class?

For whatever reason it happens. Yes. Shit happens. What we avoid comes and stands in front of us time and again.

It has happened to me as well. Whenever I have knowingly or unknowingly raised my ego in prejudice, I have been beaten down by the universe. Whenever I have tried to control life in self obsession, I have made to bend down by the universe.

I realized the phenomenon. I learnt (better late than never) that when we say ‘NEVER’ in fury, rage, over-confidence or turns right back at us. I learnt that being strong and rigid might be a great deal but being mentally flexible will give us a better perspective, better decision-making skills and definitely better outcomes.

NEVER SAY NEVER to anything without having a full understanding. NEVER SAY NEVER in anger or pre-occupied notions. You might loose some elements of surprise if you refuse before experiencing something. In other cases, you might need a cold experience to become a warmer person.

Be flexible. Be open. Flow. Grow.

This writing doesn’t come from a place of “I am soooo correct!!”. It’s more like “I felt this, you might agree with me.” πŸ™‚


With love and good vibes.

Priyamvada Tripathi – Soul Woman


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  1. Sadah says:

    Well written.


    1. Thankyou for reading and appreciating πŸ™‚ I am glad you liked it.


      1. Sadah says:

        Would you like to share your content on our open publishing platform?


      2. yes. πŸ™‚ would love to..but after knowing what kind of work you do πŸ™‚


      3. Sadah says:

        Please visit to know more about the platform.


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