Born with a pepper spray



I am a Woman. And pepper spray is the need of the hour.



I drown deeper,

as I write this on a piece of paper.

My soul succumbed with toxic air,

I’m a female, paying my price here.


Rape, touch, tease.

Filming my videos with such ease.

You filthy beings with no shame,

crushing humanity to win your game.


The evil eye on my dignity is such,

that a candle march on streets won’t do much.

Even a storm to behead their sexist egos,

won’t make me forget my woes.


Teaser guns, safety apps and pocket knives,

claiming to keep me safe in such horrendous hives.

I get scars, humanity bleeds.

I scream for help, humanity pleads.



Tired, I sit down to pray.

Thinking that in the next life,

I have to be born with a pepper spray!


“Because yes, I’m paying the price of being a woman, a small girl, an old lady, an object, a sex toy, a fun machine. I have no self worth. I can be used and abused by strangers, relatives, fathers, friends for political, regional and national interests. I am that petty creature.” – a rape victim who died with several injuries on her body and soul.

Also, humanity got deeply injured in this crass scenario.


I hope what I wrote shook you up. Because it shook me up!!

I’ve never felt so demeaned being born as a woman. The recent outburst of rape cases with the girl child (as young as 4 months old) in India makes me shameful of being here and now. Humanity dies a thousand deaths when such evil happenings take place!

Your thoughts are valuable to me. Kindly share in the comments.


Picture Credits – Aanchal Mathur

Yours Authentically

Priyamvada Tripathi – Soul Woman


One Comment Add yours

  1. Yogesh sharma says:

    What I can say . But I m feeling to be shame being a male. But I thought ppl who do these kind of act are psycho or mentally sick .


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