Asking for Courage

Courage to accept what we really wish to get.

“I want to ask for LOVE from this universe. Moreover, I want to ask for the COURAGE to accept that love.”

You may have heard that phrase ‘Be careful for what you wish for, you might just get it!’ That is exactly what I am gonna talk about today.

Yes. We all are on a quest for all things positive. We want to achieve a social status, certain respect and acceptance. We want to be loved and celebrated wherever we go. We have dreams and goals that we want to achieve. We want to nail it in every department!

And guess what! We get the chances to do that (maybe in different forms and shapes with different paths). But are we always courageous enough to accept that ‘love’ from the universe?

Not Always.

Sometimes it is hard to accept that our wishes are coming true. When they are served on the plate in front of takes practical courage to eat from that plate! Be it our dream job abroad or marrying the person we love or the leap of faith we always wanted to take. It is like always wanting to be a motivational speaker and then refusing to grab the mic. Or wanting to be world’s best dancer and being scared of the rehearsals.

It won’t work that way my dear. We have to practically say yes. Yes to the universe, yes to our intuition, yes to hard work and yes to love!

It is easy once we figure out that saying a yes in real life or taking a chance is a lot healthier than making sand castles that wash away with every wave. If you have asked for something whole-heartedly and you see a way to catch that..have the courage to stand up and say yes and work for it.

Hope you had an inspiring read.

May you be the best version of yourself. 🙂


Priyamvada Tripathi – Soul Woman

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