Self Hate : Clean the fog on the mirror.


I know I am the one preaching self love all the time. I know when we love ourselves, we don’t need to fix everything..we just need total self acceptance. We shine brighter and spread love if we feel the love inside us. That is all great. It is the true essence of being a happy person.


We are all humans. There are certain tendencies we all possess and one of them is holding over-confidence . Under the layers of self love and self acceptance, we start thinking we are always right! Yes! I have been there and I guess you have been there too. Thinking that every action we perform in the name of self love is correct is the worse thing we can do to ourselves.

Sometimes, in order to love ourselves, we need to hate ourselves first. Because self love is also about improving ourselves, correcting our wrong actions, working hard and self-criticism. Blind self love draws limitations to our potential. We are never going to improve if we think we are the masters of everything.

Self hate cleans the fog on the mirror.

If we do not hate the negatives we have, we will never get rid of them. Self hate is sometimes equivalent to growth.

This doesn’t mean we start pin pointing everything in bad light. It means to keep a honest check on self love. It means we must take a note on when we cross the line of self love and move to the over-confident, self-indulgent room.


Lots of love and light to everyone reading this. Thank you for spending some precious minutes of your life on this blog.

Priyamvada Tripathi – Soul Woman



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  1. Aviral says:

    Good work!! 🙂 Very thought provoking.


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