Drawers – storing my life lessons.

Drawers : Each holding a life lesson.


One night I was sitting alone in my room, binge watching youtube. Had many thoughts of creating something which is my own, making it into a project of life, hope, art and wellness. But I was just thinking. And wasting my time binge watching some stupid funny stuff. A silence was held back inside me. I just shut my laptop and closed my eyes for a while. Tears rolled down and I kinda woke up from the dead.

Soul Woman. 365 days of loving and living a dream. Each day with a  new lesson, a new gift. And the most I could do was share some of my learnings with you.

  • Power of Optimism – I am a sensitive person and it takes no time for me to feel worthless and powerless. I am surely improving with every passing minute, hour and day..trying to hold the positives up and the negatives down. Holding an optimistic approach has helped me a lot. Optimism is a mix of being hopeful and confident regarding the future. And I have imbibed that in me a lil bit. No matter how stressful the hour,day or week goes by, I am going to create wonders with my work and vision.
  • Opinions – Opinions. Unnecessarily surrounding us. ARTIST? OPINIONS are obvious. Some harsh ones too. It is all okay. It will be worth it in the end. Me and you, we must believe in our work and rest will be taken care of.
  • Envision – “What you think, you become.” – Buddha. Understanding and applying this statement to my life has changed a lot of things in my understanding. Visualizing myself achieving all my goals and being happy will make it happen! I realize that whatever I am thinking is actually what I am looking like, talking like and most importantly it is what I am envisioning. If I think positive, I visualize a beautiful future, I will definitely achieve it.
  • Flow – I learnt that for doing something on my own, I will have to work everyday. Even on days when I feel like a loser, I have to get up, tie my shoelaces and attack!! I plan things, make deadlines, try and discipline every sphere of my life. But I leave one room empty! Empty and open to possibilities. Open to magic. That is how I maintain the flow. I do not try to control everything, because i just can’t!! I can just do my effort..try being consistent. It is important to breathe and stroll and enjoy the beauty of my work. The ability to flow breaks the monotony and makes magic happen.
  • People and possessions come and go – This is not the sad truth, this is the only truth. Whatever is in my life is impermanent. I learnt that I can love people and things but if they leave my orbit, I mustn’t get disheartened. Be it your relationship or a priced material possession, if they are not there you can mourn in grief but remember it is all part of the flow, part of the bigger picture. 
  • Morning Routine – This was one hard task to master! But I finally did it!!! I slept late and woke up late all my student life. My lifestyle was trash. My sleep clock, eating habits everything was scattered and therefore my awareness was zero. Morning sun is the best thing that has happened to earth. Trust me. If you wake up early and offer your gratitude to the sun, you would know what I am talking about. I am filled with gratitude and enthusiasm every morning. No matter how bad yesterday was, today becomes special just by waking up with the sun. It makes one clearer and happier.

These are some of the things I have learnt in the process called life. There are many more lessons to be learnt, more targets to be achieved, more love to be felt!

Be the best version of yourselves. I hope you could relate to the things I have written above.

Love and light.

Priyamvada Tripathi – Soul Woman


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