Are you (job)less?




Just putting some questions to begin the blog this week. Answer in your head and write to me if you feel like. 🙂

Do you have an office job? Is your job your life? Or just a part of it? Is your job the actual definition of your capabilities? And if you do not go to office everyday and get a fixed paycheck every month…are you worthless, non-deserving and incompetent?

If by any chance you are an artist, a writer, a painter, a photographer, a budding entrepreneur and you freelance for a living. ‘Your life is over my friend’. I know how many questions you answer about “what do you do beta?”, “isse kya hoga!!?”, “koi achi job kar lete.” , “government exam dedo varna age nikal jayegi.”. I can feel you! I can sense you passing through judgmental conversations and stares everyday, sometimes within your own family and friends.

*If you aren’t doing a regular office job, there is no weight in your personality. *


You are capable of everything. You deserve love no matter what your paycheck says about your ‘societal esteem’. An ‘office designation’  pasted on your personality doesn’t define who you are and how you should be treated.  Going an extra mile for your passion, doing things differently and making a change..all these things take time. Just trust yourself. The ‘job’ tag is a tiny thing which not necessarily define my persona!

I don’t have a 9 to 5 job. But I am here.

To live , thrive and achieve.

Don’t you worry my friend. Keep working silently. Don’t let anyone else define success and failure for you. Drop the ‘Job’ tag!

Have a great day.

Love and light.

Priyamvada Tripathi – Soul Woman

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