Dear Anxiety, please leave.



1 in every 13 people suffer from Anxiety disorders. 60.05 million people suffer from anxiety disorders in the South-East Asian region. If this is not troublesome to know, I don’t know what is.

I have been friends with anxiety since childhood. Specifically my early school years were full of lengthy conversations with intense fear, excessive perspiration, unexplained but strong panic stricken moments. Fear of everything and nothing. Fear of getting late to school, not performing well as the others, not looking appropriate, not being good enough, fear of being bullied. Despite being a disciplined and good student, I would freeze if the teacher ever called my name to read the lesson loudly in class. Many such incidents made me extremely under-confident. Even when I was good at something, I never performed it up to my capabilities.

I realized it so damn late! When I started dancing full time, I gradually felt relief and it told me that the cape of anxiety was slipping off. I never approached any professional help because I never knew I had befriended anxiety so deeply. It never looked like a foreign element entered my soul, it more or less looked like me. A mental disorder doesn’t remain distinct from your personality, it takes over! We start living in our heads. It is such a serious matter! So painful and life threatening.


  • Breathe – Just breathe. Be here and now. There is no problem as big and scary. 
  • Physical Exercise – Be it running, dancing, yoga or any sport! Go out and give it a try. It helps relieve the burden.
  • Meditate – The art of meditation is the path to untie all mental knots.
  • Art – Sing, read, write, paint, dance. Get involved with art in any form.
  • Food – Include chamomile tea, turmeric, almonds, bell peppers, bananas in your meals. Avoid Alcohol consumption and smoking as it adds up to drug dependent behavior.
  • Sleep – but only when you are tired. Do not oversleep. Do not ditch sleeping either.

These are temporary solutions. They do not cure us fully. Seek help. Go to a therapist or a psychiatrist. Talk to people you trust. Talk to someone who will listen and understand. Share what you feel. You are worth this beautiful life. Don’t miss on it anymore!

Yours truly

Priyamvada Tripathi – Soul Woman

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  1. Swati sandhu says:

    Again. Very important topic …which is needed to be addressed ….but dear Priyamvada ..u would have written more on it …making people connect more to the blog ..realising their inner monstrous anxiety ….😊 u seem to be one of those tensor and sensitive souls ..which are synchronisation with universal consciousness ! Keep writing n inspiring !
    Lots of love


    1. Thankyou so much Swati for your valuable advice. I will keep this in mind and thankyou for the love. ❤ 🙂


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