Yoga Day – Everyday



Happy Yoga Day wishes to everyone.

What does International Yoga Day brings to us? Yes it brings awareness that yoga is celebrated, practiced and spread across the globe. What does it change for us? How will it stay with us after 24 hours of this global celebration?

Tomorrow (21st June 2019) the world will celebrate and experience the power of Yogic science. Some of us will go and practice in parks, some will head to fitness studios and some will practice yoga at home. Others who don’t practice yoga, will watch something about it, read something about it somewhere! In short, everyone will be connected with it directly or indirectly.

Many of us are not fitness enthusiasts and don’t dream of 6 pack abs and eating healthy food all the time. We want easy lifestyle with no health problems. Sadly, it’s visible that more and more people are under extreme work pressure, suffering from anger issues, depression, obesity, thyroid and what not.

But there is also a ‘waking-up phenomenon’ happening with people seeking holistic lifestyle (tirelessly searching youtube for healthy meal recipes, home workouts, meditation videos and yoga philosophy speeches. There are many who have started going to the gym, joined zumba or yoga or run for fitness. That’s a breath of fresh air in this unhealthy lifestyle surrounding us.

That’s what I want to remind! Fitness is not a single day scheme. Yoga is not a single day affair. It’s a lifestyle. Aim at continuing your yoga practice after 21st June. You truly become a fitness student with sincerity and discipline. These are a few tips I have for practicing yoga everyday :

  • Learn the basics of Asanas and Pranayamas from a certified yoga teacher. Tell details about your health issues (if any) so that they guide you in a better way. (Many people thing yoga must be taught for free and are not willing to pay fees for a yoga class. This is neither justified to your teacher nor to the science of yoga. Think of the precious good health you’ll gain in each class.)
  • Discipline works better than motivation. While we can lack motivation on some days when we feel extremely dull, discipline makes us perform well even on toughest days.
  • Take out minimum 20 minutes each day or every alternate day (if you are very busy)  to practice yoga. Consistency in practice gives the best results.
  • Weekends can be dedicated to outdoor yoga sessions (preferably in open spaces or in nature). Practicing with nature fills a person with positivity and gratitude.
  • Yoga is not limited to a yoga mat. The basic ethics of Yoga Vidya include Non-violence, practice of truth, non-stealing, non-covetousness. If you are following these, you are already walking on the path of yoga.
  • If interested, for little in-depth study of yogic science, one can read a few books on basic yoga postures, their meaning and benefits.
  • Pranayama (Controlling and directing the breath) is important in maintaining the homeostasis of our body. Guided by a teacher, one must practice pranayamas for minimum 10-15 minutes per day. Noticeable positive results are guaranteed.
  • Remember that true essence of yoga is being calm, focused and balanced. Once these are achieved, a person is bound to shine and be successful. It is not about hatred, pulling others down, jealousy and ugly competition.
  • Remember that health is your true wealth. Yoga embodies balance of mind and body, so calming the mind and keeping the body agile, eating right and needful is the way to a holistic happy life.


Celebrate good health everyday. Make yoga your lifestyle. This will truly make everyday, Yoga day.


Picture – Aanchal Mathur

Find me on Instagram and Facebook – @thesoulwoman




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