The Path to Silence




“Let silence take you to the core of life.”

The practice of being here and now without any inner noise is Silence. We might come across different definitions and ideas regarding this concept but it’s essence is very basic. It is simple. No mental tremors, no pressure, no fluctuations.

Just being.  Just breathing.

We are in a world that is constantly running. Everyday is a race filled with deadlines, performance pressure and competition. As a result, we are bound to feel stressed and irritable. We all strive for peace at the end of any struggle. So we start looking for ways that will lead us to peace. How?

Entertain ourselves by getting consumed with food and drinks, get hooked to Netflix, excessive socializing.


Hearing the rain, feeling the wind, looking at the sky, dancing without hesitation, singing out loud and laughing unapologetically.


For me, it’s a mix of both ways. But I still prefer natural silence more than material sound. And I’m writing this blog today to tell you what all I do.

How can we be in constant touch with silence every day? Here are some practices we can include in our everyday lives to seek and experience silence :


Morning – Just when you have gotten up, DO NOT CHECK YOUR PHONE. Inviting noise in your mind must not be the first thing you do after waking up. Take 5-10 minutes and focus on your breath with your eyes closed. You can start thanking the universe that you have woken up alive and healthy. Your eyes can see, your body can move, your mouth can talk. you are physically fine. Focus on your aim for the day without getting stressed about how you will accomplish it. No pressure here, just full faith in your capabilities.

On the way – If you travel alone to work, you can practice silence by just looking at nature outside the window. Yes, listening to music or reading a book can also be a great way to pass the time. Looking at the clouds, trees and people around you smiling at random things can be a great way to know silence. Natural sounds are a part of silence as long as they don’t turn into noise. Observing people, not judging them is a better way to write this. And if you are fortunate enough to get a seat..Bingo! You can do all this with more ease.

Night – Nights are quiet and calm, already more silent than the whole day. Nights are also extremely sensitive and can peel off layers of our sensitivity.  Listen to and watch whatever you wish to as long as it’s not very violent just before sleeping (we all carry bits and pieces of everything we are exposed to at night to our subconscious mind). Do not hog on to your phone even when the lights are off. Detach from these electronic devices to make a connection with yourself.

Write down (in your phone or a diary or note it down mentally) any of these/all of these (if you can spare more time) :

  • 5 positive things that happened today.
  • 5 things you are thankful for.
  • What all you want to achieve in life (not with any pressure, just with positivism and trust).

Close your eyes and start focusing on your breath consciously. No extra effort. Just ease. Tell yourself how gifted and loved you are. Tell yourself with every breath :

“I’am beautiful. I’m happy. I’m confident. I’m peaceful. I’m healthy. I’m successful. Wherever I go, I prosper.”



The purpose of these practices is to take you away from the material noise for some time. These are not time consuming. I would rather call them ‘life changing minutes’ of your day. Try these consistently for at least 14 days and write to me. I’ll be waiting!


Picture – Aanchal Mathur

May we all rise and shine.


Priyamvada Tripathi – Soul Woman.

Instagram and Facebook – @thesoulwoman

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