Karma Yoga – The Krishna Way



KARMA : Any physical or mental action is Karma.

KARMA YOGA : The idea of doer ship without any attachment to the result.

Our actions and consequences are not separate. What we do and what we get as a result, cannot be divided. Our thoughts, actions and results are interconnected. Karma Yoga emphasizes on taking actions following our Dharma (virtue, self-direction, morality, honesty) and not expecting any kind of profit in return. This path seems tough, but whoever has walked on it, has attained solace, great success and self awareness.

As the title suggests, Lord Krishna (major deity in Hinduism) has emphasized on actions and it’s impact. Today is Janamashtami (celebrations of of Lord Krishna’s birthday) and it’s incomplete without understanding his teachings. Karma Yoga is one of his most important, relevant and life changing teachings.

To understand how karma yoga works, we can look at how Lord Krishna (Major deity in Hinduism) has emphasized a lot on detachment from results in the Sanskrit scripture Bhagavad Gita. He says “Work incessantly. Your duty is to work but not to expect the fruits thereof.”. Detachment plays a central part in this aspect.

How can you, me and all of us take a step forward to become Karma Yogis?

Here are a few things we can keep in mind before we work on anything (personal, professional or while serving the society) :

  • Serving without ego (“I have done so much for them.”).
  • Going ahead to do anything with right motive and attitude (actions must not be led by hate or anger).
  • Working hard and smart but not getting attached to the results.
  • Setting correct intentions (no greedy or jealous thoughts can lead to pure actions).
  • Breaking free from selfishness and self absorption (acting just to gain profits).
  • Having faith in self directed actions (mindfulness, awareness and consciousness).
  • While serving, regarding everyone equally (no preferences).
  • Self control (not getting emotionally carried away while handling a tricky situation).
  • Discipline.

When we practice Karma Yoga, we attain incredible mental strength and patience. A karma yogi can defy greed, jealousy, anger and dependence on others and absorb peace from all the actions (done for self or others).

Not expecting anything is a challenge because we all are humans after all! But the Karma Yoga spirit helps us elevate and see our gains-losses, success-failures in a different light. We become more driven by purified intentions and do not attempt anything that resonates with negativity and division. This spirit will change us not only at the surface but deep inside.

May we all act mindfully, with love and kindness, with our virtues intact. May we all understand and absorb Lord Krishna’s teachings.

Happy Janamashtami. 🙂



Priyamvada Tripathi | Soul Woman


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  1. Hope says:

    I love this! I think karma yoga is misunderstood by many. Notice how nowhere in the description is “doing free work at a yoga studio” apart of karma yoga. I hope we all come to understand this better, and beautiful descriptions. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you could connect to my writing. I’ve also understood Karma Yoga with a different lens since I started practicing yoga.
      Abundance of love and good health coming your way. ✨

      Liked by 1 person

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