Vipassana : The Buddha way.

“Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional.” – Gautama Buddha

Nobody has ever stated such a big lesson in simpler words.

What is Vipassana?

It is a meditation form that is taught on the principles given by Gautama Buddha.
Vipassana meditation focuses on insightful observation of reality, holding a state of balance and equanimity and acceptance of impermanence as the only nature of existence.

It is practiced in noble silence (silence of words, gestures, body language).

Process and Lessons :

Our lifestyle with noise and speed had made us comfortable with being busy and occupied. Our mind lives upon reacting to the stimulus around us.
We have bundles of emotions unattended, needs unrecognised, feelings ignored because we hardly look in!

Vipassana comes as a life changing experience!

Practicing noble silence with seated meditation for 10 hours each day is not comfortable to the mind and body at all.
We become too much for ourselves to handle! There’s no external stimulus, no physical and tangible distraction. And therefore mind wanders to the darkest corners of experience and memory. Here the change begins within.

    • Vipassana gives us a chance to forgive ourselves and others. When we start noticing our past experiences, we are reminded of some harsh deeds done by others and some selfish acts done by us. What better way to seek peace and forgive.
    • The realisation of impermanence. Sitting straight for 10 hours in meditation is pretty painful for the body at first. But after first few days, the person notices the pain vanishing away in seconds. This teaches the meditator that pain is impermanent, so is Joy. Detachment is what we all must practice.
    • Patience. The noble silence is troublesome at first but it teaches a lot of patience. Every other experience during vipassana adds on to that patience.
    • Increased awareness. Sitting and noticing our breath leads to increased awareness regarding every vibration. All sense organs become more agile.
    • Cleansing our vibration. We radiate goodness when we let go of all negativity that weighs us down, forgive ourselves and others, become more patient to achieve our dreams, accept that everything is impermanent and become a witness to our experiences.

I learnt Vipassana one year ago and have been practicing it since then. It has changed my life.

So grateful.


If you want to learn it go ahead. Write back to me with your experience. 🙂


Yours Truly

Priyamvada Tripathi – Soul Woman

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