Work from home essentials

We are facing a global crisis these days. So many of us are under complete lockdown. Most of us are fearful and doubtful about what is going to happen next. Honestly, I don’t know that either but I’m here to tell you that I operate from a place of love. I am aware of the scare but I’m still hopeful that life will win. We all must take precautions, we all must be aware and we all must be together in this. ♥️

Amidst this #covid19 crisis, you and me can pause and make our time at home very productive, creative and easy.

Work from home essentials :

• Gratitude (thank Universe that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy.)

• Yogasana and Pranayama (it will help you get in sync with your body.)

• Exercise (it will help you beat laziness.)

• Art Creation (Write, sing, paint, doodle, dance.)

• Art consumption (a lot of content is out there, choose well and put a time limit to avoid wasting time.)

• Meditate (it will help you get in sync with stillness, which is necessary at this hour of fear and panic.)

• Self Reflection (great time to introspect. Review old plans, make new ones, get rid of habits that don’t serve you, build everyday on intention.)

• Set deadlines (It will help you be under the watch of time.)

• Read (be aware and read what’s around but don’t feed fear through it. Also, this is the best time to read books you’ve bought but never gotten the time to read them.)

• Pray for world Peace (because we are one. Each being suffering needs positive energy to recover.)

I’m also going to :
-Sleep more.
-Spend time gardening.
-Dance under the moon.
-Spend time with Maa and Papa.
-Get a lot of work shiz done!
-Play with Sultan (my dog).
What are you going to do in this lockdown? Share in the comments below. 
Picture – Aanchal Mathur✨

May all beings be happy.

Yours lovingly

Priyamvada Tripathi – @thesoulwoman (Instagram and Facebook)

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